ABOUT REDSENSEall about redsense blood loss detection

Redsense AlarmUnitSetRedsense is an alarm system for monitoring the blood access during hemodialysis. The Redsense system consists of an alarm unit, an extension fiber and a non invasive sensor patch.

When the sensor patch is placed over the blood access, it detects any blood coming in contact with the sensor. This can occur if the needle is accidentally dislodged or if blood is leaking during dialysis.


redsense alar unit
Product number: RA-1-RA201x

Box weight: 0,6 kg
Box dimension mm: 280x165x90
5 boxes of alarm units in a transportation box
Approx. 45 transportation boxes on a pallet (ca. 135kg/pallet)
The alarm unit delivers
in a box containing:
• Alarm unit (100x125x35 mm)
• Charger (optional for Europe, UK, USA or AUS)
• Fiber optic extension
redsense extention lead
Product number: RE-1-RE201
The fiber optic extension is multi use and connects the single use sensor patch with the alarm unit.
redsense charger eu
Product number: RA-1-RA201E

Charger for Europe
redsense charger us
Product number: RA-1-RA201D

Charger for Australia
redsense charger uk
Product number: RA-1-RA201B

Charger for UK and Ireland
redsense charger us
Product number: RA-1-RA201C

Charger for USA