ABOUT REDSENSEall about redsense blood loss detection

redsense reliability

Let Redsense help keep an eye on your venous needles

Redsense is designed to react on blood loss immediately, enabling nurses and doctors to focus on other tangible problems of hemodialysis.
 Redsense is designed to alarm when blood reaches the sensor, so the dialysis caregiver or observing person at home, can apply appropriate action when a venous needle dislodges.

Checked and ready

There's only one button to operate: on/off, press it twice. When you switch on the alarm unit it automatically runs a self-check. If for some reason the sensor is not working, an orange warning light will indicate. Otherwise the green light goes on to confirm that the sensor is fully operational.

How Redsense helps keep and eye out for accidental bleeding

Redsense is a blood loss detection device comprising of two parts: a sensor patch and an alarm unit. Connected to the alarm unit by an optical extension fiber, the sensor patch employs fiber optic technology to continuously monitor the venous needle access point. If bleeding begins and blood comes into contact with the sensor, the Alarm Unit is designed to raise the alarm.

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