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Our vision is to save lives by detecting blood loss, using a core technology that utilizes fiber optics.

Our main objective within the field of hemodialysis is to save lives by improving the safety for the patients and caregivers, by raising awareness about the issue of unnoticed blood loss and to provide Redsense as a solution - a blood loss detection device that is designed to alarm on blood leakage from the venous blood access.

Headquartered in Halmstad in the south of Sweden, Redsense Medical began as a project in 2000 with the goal of developing the first monitoring system for venous needle dislodgement during HD, and in 2006 it was incorporated into the legal entity Redsense Medical AB. The Company was founded as a spin-off from the Swedish company Innovation Team, which is a well-established design company within the medical device sector, to develop and commercialize its proprietary technology.