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pdf 32x32  Jane Hurst Redsense - White Paper: Issues Related to Detection of Hemodialysis Venous Needle Dislodgement

pdf 32x32  Faratro_et_al-2015-Hemodialysis_International

pdf 32x32  EU-miljoner för innovation går till Redsense Medical från Halmstad

pdf 32x32  PM ATS Eurostar och Vinnova ger bidrag till Redsense

pdf 32x32Tricia West - Knowledge is Power

pdf 32x32ProPublica - New Study Shows Higher Mortality Risk at For-Profit Dialysis Chains

pdf 32x32ProPublica - In Dialysis, Life-saving Care at great Risk and Cost

pdf 32x32Jane Hurst - A Costly Complication: Venous Needle Dislodgement

pdf 32x32Veteran Affairs announces that Redsense Alarm will be mandatory on patients
ny November 1 2010

pdf 32x32EDTNA newsletter with article on venous needle dislogdement


pdf 32x32Redsense Kallelse Arsstamma 2016 web.pdf

pdf 32x32Assessment of the risk for a serious Venous Needle Dislodgement incident

pdf 32x32 How to minimize the risks - VND

pdf 32x32 Assessment of the risk_A6



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Sep. 18, (2014) Kidney buzz.1 in 5 Dialysis Patients Die Yearly. Needle Dislodgement Turning Deadly Contributes To Statistic "about 1 in 5 Dialysis patients die every year in this country, and many of these deaths are preventable," suggested Personal Injury Lawyer, Mike Ferrara (The Ferrara Law Firm).

Feb. (2013) Michael Morales, CHT, CCHT-A, CCNT, CBNT, Grace Padilla-Kastenberg, MPH, Venous Needle Dislodgement In Dialysis Clinic Settings. A special report.

Axley, B, Speranza-Reid J, Williams H. Nephrology Nursing Journal Nov.-Dec. (2012) Vol. 39, No. 6 435-445. Venous needle dislodgement in patients on hemodialysis.

Fields, R (2010) When Needles Disldoge, Dialysis Can Turn Deadly. ProPublica. Nov. 10, (2010).


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